Anyone who has ever driven a manual car on steep hills can relate to the difficulty of starting from an incline as the car rolls back while you try to move your foot from the brake to the gas pedal sometimes inches before you hit another close by vehicle.

Hill Start Assistance technology as the name suggests assists the driver when starting on hills.  It prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards when resuming travel from a stop on a steep hill by automatically applying the brakes when the driver lifts his/her foot off the brake pedal to depress the accelerator pedal.

The system holds the vehicle for approximately 2 seconds. The brakes are then gradually released (the vehicle will move according to the slope).

With this new technology driving on steep slopes becomes effortless, allowing drivers to get started without rolling backward or forward.  This convenient feature helps especially novice drivers seamlessly manage hilly terrains and enjoy the ride.

Now travelers going to Europe get another reason to enjoy leasing or renting a manual car without sacrificing fun with the lower price.  Vehicles with automatic transmission are sometimes hard to come by in Europe and are often the first to go when looking for a car rental, so having the new Hill Start Assist makes a strong argument for those who steered away from manual car rentals in the past.

You can find Hill Start Assist on many of our Renault Eurodrive Models:  Captur, Clio4, Clio4 Estate, Megane, Megane Coupe, and Scenic.

If you’d like to learn more about each car model visit driver’ manuals for a PDF with car details.

- Please post your questions or comments about your experience with the new Hill-Start or Hill-Hold Assist technology.