Renault Eurodrive is a tax free, all-inclusive, cost-effective buy-back car leasing program that is a great alternative to car rental.  Since 1954, Eurodrive has been a popular choice for tourists who needed a long-term and/or one-way car rental for their travels to Europe.  The flexibility and comprehensive insurance coverage that allows you to drive your brand-new leased car to more than 40 European countries are what make this program so unique.  This is why more travelers every year choose Eurodrive over traditional car rentals.

To participate in this long-term car rental program you must be over 18, and stay in Europe for at least two weeks to get the best savings.  Renault Eurodrive has no maximum age limit, so older drivers can really benefit from this program.  Additionally, European expatriates, teachers and students have had the best experience using this program, as they benefit from special pricing on longer lease durations.  Car pick-up and drop-off locations are conveniently located across Europe, here are just a few examples of those cities:  Paris, Nice, Munich, Frankfurt, Zurich, Madrid, Brussels, London, Milan, Rome, and Lisbon.

If you have traveled with Renault Eurodrive or are planning your next trip to Europe, please share your experience in the comments section below.